Based close by the highest peak of Germany, I love spending my time in the mountains. After my successful graduation of law school, I decided to follow my passion for the mountains and combine it with filmmaking instead of spending the rest of my life in an office.
It is my goal to create stellar photography in order to visualise great stories by using the alpine scenery as far as possible.
As a fully qualified lawyer I learned to analyse problems as well as the customer´s demands precisely and come up with the right solution. 
Over more than a decade I developed strong skills for moving in alpine terrain. From climbing, Freeride Skiing to mountain biking, I am able to cover a wide range of sports.

Director of photography | 1st AC | DRONE | TEAM

Over the last years I gathered a lot of experience as a camera operator and assistant for commercials and TV-productions all over the world. During this time I was able to meet a lot of film professionals, that I can rely on for joining my projects. Besides aerial photography, I am also available for hire as a DP, camera operator or 1st AC with my own kit.

International experience:

Iraq | Taiwan | Japan | USA | Bolivia | Chile | Argentina | Morocco | Turkey | Norway | Denmark | UK | Austria | Switzerland | Italy | France | Spain | Portugal | Croatia 

State of the Art Equipment

• SONY Fx6 

• Sony Alpha 7SIII

• Sony G-Master Primes and Zooms

• Light- and Soundgear